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When to Fly Private: 7 Reasons to Book a Private Luxury Jet

If you’re growing your wealth in cryptocurrency, it may be hard to find places to spend it. Only about 15,000 businesses worldwide accept cryptocurrency or offer a cryptocurrency ATM–and we’re one of them.

With us, you can book a private jet using cryptocurrency alongside other forms of standard currency. Our goal is to make it seamless for you to book a private jet whenever you choose.

Why should you choose to fly private? Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, alone or with family, there are tons of reasons that flying private is worth your while.

Read on for seven hard-to-beat reasons to skip the commercial airlines and fly private.

1. Avoid the Long Wait at the Airport

We all know that catching a flight from a commercial airline terminal is an all-day affair. With long lines to get through the security checkpoints and arbitrary rules regarding luggage, you need at least two hours to get to your gate, alone. Once you land, it can take up to 30 minutes or longer for everyone to make their way off of the plane.

When you fly private, you can show up ten minutes before your flight is scheduled to take off. If you happen to arrive early and your pilots are ready, you may even be able to leave early. Getting off on the other end is as quick and seamless.

2. Increase Security and Privacy

Commercial airlines are committed to keeping passengers safe, but they can’t offer the same security or privacy as a private jet. This is an especially important distinction if you’re flying with valuables or irreplaceable items or if you want to conduct business during your flight.

At no point during a private flight will you lose track of your luggage. (This even includes your pet carriers.) Without the presence of strangers, you can discuss private or sensitive information, hold meetings, and prepare for presentations without disruption.

3. Make Multiple Stops Efficiently 

Having increased control over your route is one of the most compelling reasons to fly private. Making multiple stops in one day via commercial airlines is nearly impossible. With a private jet, you can stop in one city for breakfast, another for your meeting or big event, and another for dinner–it’s really that simple. 

On the other hand, you can use private jets to fly non-stop to locations that otherwise would require one or more layovers. You’re in control of where you go, where you land, and how you get there.

4. Make Stops in Locations With Minimal Airline Access

One of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to travel is accessibility. While all major cities are equipped with at least one airport, there are many smaller towns that are hours away and require additional car or bus travel. That can make visiting a family member or business partner in a rural area a much bigger hassle than it should be.

When you fly private, you can get to those hard-to-reach destinations without nearly as much hassle. We go above and beyond when locating the nearest landing strip that we can access so that you arrive at your destination without having to take every mode of transportation under the sun.

5. Take Control of Your Schedule With Certainty

Nothing is more frustrating than booking a flight for a busy weekend only to sit through hours of delays. You may have noticed that the number of flight delays and cancellations skyrocketed this past summer. Unfortunately, commercial airlines are facing unprecedented staffing issues that are creating major scheduling issues, even for powerhouses like Delta and American Airlines.

Whether you’ve got important business to attend to or you’re preparing for a weekend of relaxation, your time is valuable. When you take a private flight, there aren’t nearly as many potential disruptions that can delay or cancel your flight. Flying private allows you to schedule with certainty.

6. Minimize Your Time Away from Home

The truth is, whether you primarily travel for business or pleasure, it can create stress and tension to remain away for too long. At the end of the day, there really is no place like home.

Because flying private saves you so much time and enables direct flights for nearly all journeys, you can spend more time at home with friends and family. In fact, flying private makes it much more feasible to fly out for business and fly home that very same night. No more erroneous nights in hotels waiting for the next plane home.

7. Live Life Luxuriously

What is the seventh reason that flying private is always a good choice? Life is short and we spend too much of it waiting in line, elbow to elbow with strangers, and sacrificing our comfort. When you fly private, you get an opportunity to embrace one of life’s luxuries–and it’s always worth it.

Sit back, enjoy a glass of champagne, watch a movie of your choosing, take a nap, pet your dog–the choice is yours. The best way to fly is to fly private. If you’re wondering when to fly private, the answer is whenever you can.

Are You Ready to Fly Private? 

You’ve done the commercial airport thing. You’ve waited in long security lines and faced endless flight delays. You’ve dealt with baggage claim and even a lost piece of luggage or two.

Now, you’ve earned the right to fly private. Are you ready to take it?

At Crypto Charters, we charter jets of all sizes and models. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t worry–we’ll get it for you.

To find out more about our services and pricing, contact us today. Let us know where you’re going and we’ll start you off with an instant quote. It’s time to live life luxuriously and fly private.

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