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Renting a Private Jet: A Guide for Upgrading Your Travel Experience

The private jet is soaring. Half of private aviation users have re-started their flying since the start of the pandemic. 69% say they are going to fly more in the post-pandemic world. 

It’s easy to see why. Renting a private jet gives you luxury, convenience, and affordability. You just have to know what you are getting into. 

What exactly are the benefits of traveling on a private jet? What types of private jets can you rent? How can you rent one, and how can you use cryptocurrency? 

Answer these questions and you can maintain your comfort while you take to the air. Here is your comprehensive guide. 

The Benefits of a Private Jet

Private jets have several advantages over flying in first class. Wherever you go, it is generally a better idea to get a private jet charter than to book a flight with an American airline. It is also better to rent a private jet than buy one. 


When you fly private, you can avoid extensive security lines. TSA regulations require you to keep your liquids under an allowance.

These regulations do not apply to private flights. You can pack whatever you want in any size that you want. You do not have to go through a metal detector or body scanner.

There are nearly 20,000 airports in the United States. Only 5,217 of them are for public use.

You can fly into or fly out of nearly 15,000 additional airports when you travel on a private jet. You may be able to go to an airport nearby instead of a drive away. You can also avoid congestion and traffic delays. 


A private jet is quiet. The engines can produce less noise than the ones on Boeing 747s and other planes. With fewer passengers, you don’t have the disruption of crying children or yelling couples. 

Many businesspeople spend hours working on their private planes. They can have phone conversations, prepare documents, and work on the Internet. They can also talk to their work associates and strategize for upcoming events. 

Many jets have full tables on which you can write and display documents. You can stretch your arms out instead of bending behind a seat-back tray. 


Going through TSA checkpoints may help you feel safe. But going through a public airport may be unsafe for you. You can get harassed by someone you don’t know, or someone can listen in on a conversation you are having. 

When you fly private, you can avoid these risks. You can pass through an airport without being seen by anyone. You can control who goes on or near your jet, preventing anyone from following you. 

If you want to travel with a private security team, you can. They can accompany you through the airport and onto your jet. They can plan out routes if you need to escape the airport. 


It is rarely comfortable to fly on a commercial airliner. Even if you are flying first-class, you are confined to a small seat. Your food and entertainment options are limited, and they are usually subpar. 

Flying on a private jet lets you fly in absolute comfort. You can spread your legs out and go to sleep in one of the seats. Some jets have separate facilities for seating and sleeping. 

You can get catering on your plane. You have many entertainment options, including music and Internet access. 

Many jets give you control over the lighting and visuals of the plane. When you decide to sleep, you can turn the lights down to do so. You don’t need an uncomfortable facemask or a stiff blanket wrapped around your eyes. 

Many charter companies offer additional services. They can provide a concierge who will book your other accommodations, including dining at your destination.

They can arrange your transportation to and from the airports you arrive at. You can travel in a limousine or a yacht.  

Types of Jets

You have many different jets to choose from. Each jet has its own impact on your experience, including affordability and comfort. In order to rent a private jet, you need to pick a particular plane you want. 

Keep in mind that new jets are constantly coming on the market. Remain up-to-date on what your various options are and be willing to try out new ones. 

Gulfstream G100

The Gulfstream G100 is a light jet. This means it has a range of up to 3,211 nautical miles and a maximum capacity of nine people. This makes it good for small groups traveling domestically, but bigger companies will need to find a different option.

The passenger cabin of the G100 is over 17 feet long and five feet high. It offers plenty of amenities, including power outlets and an enclosed lavatory. The baggage area can hold one bag per passenger, and passengers can bring bags onto the plane. 

The Gulfstream G150 is a derivative of the G100. There are no substantial differences between the two aircraft.

Gulfstream stopped making the G100 in 2017. The jet still provides many of the amenities common amongst contemporary airplanes. But if you are looking for the latest technology, you should select a different model. 

Bombardier Challenger 350

The Challenger 350 is a midsize business jet. Like the G100, it can hold nine passengers with a range of roughly 3,200 nautical miles. But it offers more baggage space and it can stay in the air for longer periods of time. 

Bombardier designed the cabin to be noise-resistant. The entry door has an acoustic curtain so the roar of the engines does not seep through. Passengers can close a sliding door between the entrance and main cabin to block out more noise. 

The floor design is flat, allowing access to the baggage at all times. Both wood and stone flooring is available. 

The galley provides plenty of resources for preparing meals. Passengers or flight attendants have a long work surface and a drainable ice drawer. 

Dassault Falcon 7x

The 7x is a heavy jet. Its engines and wing design give it a range of nearly 6,000 nautical miles. This is long enough for a direct flight between Paris and Tokyo. 

Pilots can use full fly-by-wire controls to operate the plane. The operating system includes an automatic flight control function and turbulence-detecting weather radar. This increases safety and decreases time spent on the ground. 

The galley is spacious, allowing a passenger to work while seated. A passenger or member of the flight crew can arrange the passenger cabin to produce three separate lounges. This allows one passenger to work while another can sleep. 

Closet spaces permit passengers to put away their coats and personal bags. Passengers also have access to climate controls so they find a comfortable temperature for themselves. 

Airbus ACJ320 

The ACJ320 is an executive airliner. A party of more than one dozen passengers can rent one. It has a maximum range of more than 5,000 nautical miles, making it a sound choice for international flights. 

The ACJ320 has the most cabin space of any business jet. This gives a group of executives space to work and strategize. There are additional seats for the crew, allowing you to hire a flight attendant. 

The layout provides separate spaces for dining, entertainment, and sleeping. The master suite includes a full bed and bathroom with a large screen for viewing movies. 

Private Jet Cost 

The cost of renting a private jet depends on several factors. The jet you choose will significantly affect your cost. The larger the jet, the more you will have to pay. 

The distance you are traveling will also impact your cost. In general, the longer you travel, the more you will pay. 

Most companies charge hourly rates instead of distance rates. This means that you can reduce your costs by flying on a lighter or faster plane. 

Some companies may offer deals if they have empty legs. These are routes that planes fly in order to reposition themselves. You can buy an empty leg and save plenty of money while receiving the same amenities. 

The cost of a jet includes the positioning of the aircraft, fuel and maintenance fees, and crew costs. There are additional costs for catering and parking fees for the aircraft. If the plane needs to remain in a hanger, that will cost money. 

Ground transportation costs and special catering requests never go into the quote. A service may add de-icing costs to the quote, but this is only for winter and cold weather flying. 

Renting is far less expensive than owning a plane. If you choose to buy a private jet, you have to pay for all maintenance and crew costs. You may go months without flying, which makes it hard for you to return an investment. 

Renting and Flying on a Private Jet

Once you have found the right charter agency, you should inform them of your destination and travel schedule. You should also select a plane you want to travel on.

At a minimum, you should ask for a type of jet like a light jet or an executive airliner. This may help give you more choices. 

You should get an instant quote from the agency. You should examine how they are charging you and if there are any hidden fees. 

If the quote makes sense to you, you should then book your flight. Routes can get booked very quickly, especially popular ones or weekend flights. Waiting even a couple of hours can cost you. 

Try to prepare for your flight the night before your trip. Learn how to pack your luggage while maximizing space. Roll up your clothes instead of folding them to avoid wrinkles and save room. 

The only document you need is a photo ID. A passport or a driver’s license may suffice. You do not need a boarding pass or a ticket. 

You can bring some snacks and water if you would like. You can also buy something at the airport as well. 

Nearly all jets allow you to check the remaining flight duration. Try to get your business done during the start of your flight so you have plenty of time to relax. 

Private Jet Cryptocurrency Rental

Most people rent their private jet using conventional currency. Yet you can choose to use cryptos as a payment medium. 

Cryptos provide maximum privacy. You can pay for your flight on an anonymous basis without going through banks. 

The payment process is faster as well. The charter will send you a wallet address soon after you book your flight. You can send the currency to the address and get approval in less than 30 minutes. 

You can make a payment whenever you want. You are not reliant on your bank being open or your financial advisor being available. 

Cancellation policies are easy. Once you cancel your flight, the service can return your currency to you in little time. You can always reschedule your flight after a conversation with the charter. 

Most charter services accept a range of cryptos. You can buy in major currencies like Bitcoin or in less common ones like Dogecoin. If you would like to pay cash instead, crypto charter services can accept that as well. 

Hire a Private Jet Charter Service Today

The private jet is the best plane to fly on. It gives you convenience because you cut the crowds at an airport. It lets you remain comfortable with all modern amenities. 

You can choose from a wide range of jets. The cost varies widely, but you can take steps to keep your expenses down. 

Choose your destination and flight time and work with a service on the rental process. Try to find one that uses cryptos for payment. 

You don’t have to go far to fly in luxury. Crypto Charters keeps your rental process simple. Contact us today. 

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