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Private Jet Charters vs. First-Class Flights: Why Private Jets Are the Way to Go

Private jet traveling increased substantially during the pandemic. Forty-four percent of people who flew privately in July of 2020 were first-time fliers. 

Business and leisure trips increased during this time. Private jet charters are becoming more popular options compared to flying first class. People prefer the ease of flying privately while avoiding crowded airports and long lines. 

Is one better than the other? Both of these options provide luxury and comfort for travel. Keep reading on to learn more about why a private jet charter is the best option for your travel needs. 

First Class Travel

First-class travel still provides a level of luxury compared to other forms of travel. Before diving into the aspects and costs of a private jet charter company, it is helpful to understand the pros and cons of commercial travel. 

One of the benefits of flying commercially is that there are plenty of flights available all year round. If you don’t own a private jet, you might run into issues during high travel seasons. Sometimes private flights are unavailable during these time frames.

Yet, the biggest reason that most people fly commercially is for savings. It is no secret that private jet travel is costly. 

Some statistics show that flying privately is the equivalent of 15 first-class trips. It is no surprise that there are higher amounts of carbon emissions when flying privately unless you travel with a group of people.  

However, there are some downsides to first-class travel. You will have to continue to deal with large airports even though you are paying more for a better seat and amenities compared to business or economy seats. This means you will have longer lines, more crowded facilities, and layovers. 

You can choose to pay more for direct routes, but you will likely deal with layovers on longer flights. Each airport is also going to differ in its amenities. First-class fliers will typically have access to various private lounges in commercial airports. 

This option gives you a bit of a reprieve from the crowds. Some airports even offer rooms to take a nap in. 

First Class Benefits

Unfortunately, the level of comfort in flying first class is dependent on the airlines. For instance, Emirates offers some of the most prestigious benefits for first-class fliers.

Some of their flights offer seats that convert into beds and provide showers. These aircraft even have televisions, individual temperature control panels, gourmet food options, and other amenities. 

While all first-class fliers are separated from business and economy fliers, you are still in a crowded plane. This means that you will likely have to wait a while for everyone to board the plane. 

Sometimes, the wait times for everyone to board – especially if it is an international flight – can be extremely long. 

First-class flights should provide room for working remotely. While you won’t have a private office to step into, you should still have enough room on your table for a laptop and other business items. 

Most commercial flights also provide WiFi that makes it easier to work from the plane. 

Companies and Cost

What are some of the most common companies to fly first class? In the United States, the most popular first-class commercial companies are: 

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines

So, how do these companies compare with each other? Alaska Airlines can cost upwards of $1,000 for a domestic flight. It typically ranks as one of the most expensive airlines in the United States. 

For example, American Airlines offer around $900 at most for domestic flights. JetBlue and Southwest Airlines provide even better deals with an average of approximately $700 for first-class flights.

Delta Airlines also has some of the more expensive prices for domestic travel. They average between $500 to $1,700 per flight. 

Most companies typically waive the cost of checked bags. It is still important to do your research on each company to know what their guidelines are. For instance, United Airlines provides first-class passengers with two free checked bags. 

If you are looking into international flights, these prices rapidly increase. You shouldn’t be surprised to see prices skyrocket thousands of dollars for international flights. 


A lot of airlines that provide first-class benefits to their customers use their own credit cards for incentives. While some of the credit card companies offer great benefits and mileage to customers, it does limit you on the airlines that you are able to go through. 

If a certain airline company doesn’t have the flight route that you are looking for, you might have to go through a different airline. In this scenario, you will be unable to use your points or rewards benefits. 

Private Jet Charters

What are private jet charters? Some people purchase their own private jet, but this can cost millions of dollars.

Other people charter a plane through a private jet charter company. These companies have a variety of jets that can fit anyone’s needs. 

During this process, the company will provide you with a quote for costs and the type of jet that you need. Some companies allow you to pay through other means such as cryptocurrency. You can also check into companies that let you take your pets onboard

Normally, it is more cost-friendly and easier to charter a jet. Owning a private jet can cost as much as $90 million. Additionally, you will have to pay for the upkeep and yearly expenses that can total a few more million dollars.

What is the average cost of chartering a private jet? If you opt for chartering a jet, then the cost, on average, ranges from $4,000 to $20,000 per hour. Some companies provide costs for the entire day versus hourly. 

Why do the costs fluctuate so much? The $4,000 to $5,000 range typically includes smaller and lighter jets. If you need to fly across the country, then you will need a larger jet that can easily cost a couple of thousand dollars per hour.

It is best to inquire through the company on an exact pricing quote. If you are traveling with business partners or a larger group, you can actually save more money by chartering a private jet versus flying first class. 


What are some of the benefits of private jet travel? For one – you avoid the hassle of a large airport. 

Private jets operate mainly through fixed-based operators (FBO). These airports offer luxury services and waiting rooms for fliers. These are places where private jets can refuel and receive other services. 

Some of these FBOs also allow jets to remain overnight. While there are only around 500 commercial airports in America, there are thousands of smaller airports that private jets can travel to.

This provides a key benefit for private fliers. By having multiple airports across the country, you are likely to fly closer to your destination with a direct flight. 

If you are traveling for business, this is crucial for your career. An essential part of attending business meetings is being on time and refreshed. This is often hard to come by with commercial flying.

Private jets also allow you the opportunity to take off whenever is convenient for you. This eliminates the hassle of trying to find a scheduled time to make it your destination. It also decreases the wait time at the airport – you can show up whenever is convenient for you and have a plane waiting. 

If you mostly travel for leisure, it also ensures that you don’t risk missing a connecting flight or losing your baggage along the way. 

Other Benefits

While first-class passengers have some semblance of privacy in their aircraft, private travel takes it to a whole other level. Some of these jets have their own private rooms that can be used to hold business meetings. 

Additionally, you’ll have more space to work in than commercial airlines. If you need additional privacy or confidentiality, then private jet travel is a better option. You will have similar amenities compared to first-class passengers, such as luxury seating, beds, and quality service.

Many of these airlines also offer WiFi and first-class food. Another positive feature about private travel is that you can take as many people and bags with you as you’d like. 

If you are wanting to bring your pet along with you, then you don’t have to run the risk of having them fly in cargo. Just make sure that you notify the airline company beforehand so that they can set you up with the proper aircraft. 

Multi-Use Companies

Another benefit is that a qualified and professional company provides more services than private jet charters. You can also look at chartering a yacht or indulging in personal concierge services.  

Personal concierge services act as travel agents and can help arrange all aspects of travel, including airfare and hotel bookings. These agents are available to you at all hours of the day for any changes that need to be made.

Concierge services can help take the hassle out of planning where you will be staying or what aircraft you are flying on. Additionally, if you are looking at chartering your own yacht, then a luxury charter service is what you will want to look for. 

These yachts can travel to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or French Polynesia. It makes for the perfect getaway without the stress of finding a travel agency. Chartering a yacht also comes with a concierge service that helps you with planning and booking various traveling details. 

Having a company that does it all helps you manage both your business and leisure needs. 

Private Jets vs. First-Class

Ultimately, flying privately is a more luxurious experience than flying first-class. If money is the top priority, then first-class can save you a bit more than private travel. 

However, larger business meetings cut down on costs and can sometimes equal the same price as first-class travel. 

FBOs give customers a more reclusive area to relax and rejuvenate before their flight compared to commercial aircraft buildings. 

If you are running late to your plane then you don’t have to risk missing it with private jet travel. Chartering your own flight means that you have the ultimate control of when you leave and arrive at an airport. 

While the United States is very compatible with private jet travel, these rules might differ with international travel. Some countries in Asia tend to be less conducive to private jet travel. In the case of traveling outside the borders, make sure you check into the country’s airport regulations beforehand. 


One of the biggest reasons for choosing private jet travel in today’s day and age is for an added safety measure. Federal regulations have implemented mask mandates in all airports and offer COVID testing. 

However, with spikes in the COVID-19 pandemic, private travel is a safer option for those looking to decrease their exposure to people. In fact, more people are prioritizing safety in their travels which is pushing first-time fliers and the private travel industry to new heights. 

Trusted Private Jet Charter Company

If you want to take the next step in your travels, then you want a reliable and trustworthy company. Private jet charters give you the opportunity to fly at your own pace and avoid high exposure to crowded airlines and long security lines. 

Additionally, if you are interested in chartering a jet using cryptocurrency, then look no further. Contact us today and let one of our skilled staff members assist you in gathering a quote for your travels today. 

Enjoy a new and better type of travel. 

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