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Private Yacht Charter, Paid for in Cryptocurrency

Charter privately, pay in crypto, move with confidence

Below are just a few of the destinations that we cater to. Please contact us for full list of available yachts and destinations.

They include:
– Caribbean
– Mediterranean
– French Polynesia

Leading in Private Yacht Charter

Crypto Charters is a luxury private charter service with an emphasis on creating an excellent travel experience from start to finish. We offer luxury private yacht rentals and personal concierge service to our affluent clients. Valuing privacy, convenience, and freedom of choice we offer the ability to pay for rentals in cryptocurrency. We also provide super-swift booking for future and immediate needs. Whether you need a provide yacht sometime next month or later today, we are equipped to accommodate your private yacht charter needs. 

Call us now for an instant quote on (310) 717-4545.

Rent a private yacht. Crypto Charters - A Private Yacht Charter You Can Trust.

Personal Concierge Service​

So, you need to rent a private yacht, but don’t yet know who to go with. Our white-glove personal concierge service is just one of the many reasons to chose Crypto Charters. Instead of having to deal with the tedious travel details, take advantage of our team’s round-the-clock support. We offer 24/7 standby service for clients and are always ready to support you, whatever your travel needs. We can deal with hotel and connecting flight bookings so that you can relax and enjoy the journey.

Travel to the World Most Beautiful Destinations

We offer luxury private yachts in some of the world’s most beautiful seas. Visit the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or French Polynesia on one of our exquisitely luxurious yachts.
Rent a private yacht today

Our Process

Call for an Instant Quote
At Crypto Charters, we don’t plan to keep you waiting for your private yacht cost. We provide instant price quotations for potential clients. All you have to do is pick up the phone, we’ll take care of the rest.
Super Swift Booking
Whether your booking for next year, next month or later today, our booking process is swift and easy. We’ll help you schedule something that suits you to a tee. We pride ourselves on our ability to get things done right and in a timely manner, you’ll never have to worry about long waiting times.
Enjoy Travelling the Seas Your Way

With our extensive inventory of private yachts, we are sure to have what you’re looking for. Whether your want to visit the Caribbean, see the spectacular Mediterranean, or cruise French Polynesia, our luxury yachts will take you there.

Call us now for an instant quote on (310) 717-4545

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

We are fully confident in the quality of our service of your trip. We’ll work to help make it the way it should. From the type and size of your private yacht, and various amenities, we’ll make it so that your journey is a personalized experience.

Call us now for an instant quote on (310) 717-4545.

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